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[music is a drug]

-and we're totally addicted-

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sick. welcome to jcrack. what is jcrack? it's a mp3/video trading community that was spawned because ruby (mod) got sick of seeing stupid posts in band communities requesting mp3s. and because she really wanted some gazette.

We are a MODERATED community. That means one of us mods has to approve your post before it'll go up. As long as you follow the rules, we'll have no problem 'OK'ing your post.

run by me, Ruby (unfortunatelyme), and the ever-fabulous nutmeg (lirimaer). props to us pimps.

Also, our very special post-bitches are Ka (fallenfromchair) and d4rkbutt3rfly. We love them a lot because they make screening posts much faster and happier. :D

Current layout by the fantabulous momo_chan27. <3

This week's theme is electronica.

Past themes: Avex tracks, grief, I can't believe it's the same band!, indies groups, instrumentals, names, singles (title tracks)

  1. limit your requests. No more than 10 specific songs/PVs or 3 general artists.

  2. don't be greedy. Do not ask for entire albums, entire discographies, full movies, or entire concerts. Posts that do any of these will be deleted the moment a mod sees them.

  3. you must wait at least 24 hours between posts.

  4. this is a music trading community. That means all posts must be about music. No pictures, icons, etc. Just music.

  5. know the laws for music downloads in your area! Don't do anything illegal. We don't want any of you getting into trouble.

  6. always comment if you download something from a link. That way people know how many downloads are left/how much bandwidth has been used. Plus, it's only polite to thank people for being generous.

  7. "gifts" are allowed, however they must be behind an LJ-CUT [ <lj-cut text="some phrase">YOUR GIFT</lj-cut> ] and included with either a request or weekly theme post.  If you feel the urge to upload more music than that, get yourself a rotation site/journal or spoil your own friends list.

  8. posted song lists should also be either behind an LJ-CUT or linked to.

  9. have AIM, YIM, or MSN. These are the
    preferred methods of trading. Only request uploads if you are absolutely incapable of using either of these (ie, firewall, programs don't work on your machine, etc.)

  10.  if you are filling a request with a link, post the songs as a reply to the original request. That way the person who wants it can find it AND download it without other people taking it first.

  11. the only exception to above rule is if you are filling requests for 20 or more people.

  12. we sometimes have a weekly
    . Please be aware of the rules for this, if you wish to participate. (Members locked!)

  13. we no longer allow advertising here. However, if you'd like to give us your rotation site/journal or affiliate, please email one of the mods and we can put up a link to your site/journal here in our userinfo.

Have a rotation site? Want to advertise? Email nutmeg with your URL and a small banner (no larger than 90x40) or just a text link, whichever and we'll add you to our list.

We like supporting our favourite artists by buying theirmusic:

If you want to link to the community, you can use one of these mini-banners, but please upload them to your own webspace. Thanks.