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Listen up!!

Now that we're well over 1000 members, Ruby and I have decided that there needs to be a few changes around this place. And we've been trying to put a few of them into place, but you guys just haven't been listening! >:O

We've finally updated all the rules so that you can see clearly what is and is not allowed. So here are the updated rules, which can also be found in the userinfo.

on posting

  • limit your requests. No more than 10 specific songs/PVs or 3 general artists.

  • don't be greedy Do not ask for entire albums, entire discographies, or entire concerts. Posts that do any of these will be delete the moment a mod sees them.

  • lock all posts that contain links to songs. This saves your bandwidth and encourages people to join the community and trade with everyone. We like that.

  • You must wait at least 24 hours between posts.

  • this is a music trading community. That means all posts must be about music. No pictures, icons, etc. Just music.

on downloading

  • know the laws for music downloads in your area! Don't do anything illegal. We don't want any of you getting into trouble.

  • always comment if you download something from a link. That way people know how many downloads are left/how much bandwidth has been used. Plus, it's only polite to thank people for being generous.

on trading/sharing

  • have AIM or MSN these are the preferred methods of trading. Only request uploads if you are absolutely incapable of using either of these (ie, firewall, programs don't work on your machine, etc.)

  • if you are filling a request with a link, post the songs as a reply to the original request. That way the person who wants it can find it AND download it without other people taking it first.

  • the only exception to above rule is if you are filling requests for 20 or more people.

  • we sometimes have a weekly theme. Please be aware of the rules for this, if you wish to participate.

Now I really hate to do this to you guys, but if these new rules aren't being followed by the majority of the community by the end of the week, we will start moderating posts on this community. That means only the posts that we ok will be allowed on. Face it, the community has been flooding everyone's friends pages with its 20+ posts per day. More than half of these are people filling requests who should be posting the songs as replies or trading on AIM or MSN. Thus the rules.

So follow the rules or we will take drastic measures. Ruby and I are in complete agreement in this matter.

     ~ nutmeg

This is all effective immediately. As of this post.
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