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Hi :3

I'm looking for any of the songs (in mp3 format) from Miyavi's new album (Miyavizm) except for track 10 (which I already have).

And just a question about it: Along with the 10 main tracks, is there a track 11/bonus track? I keep hearing from some people that there's 10 tracks, and from others that there's 11. I'm just curious :3

I've seen people upload it, but it's always in a big zip file and since I'm on a dial-up connection my connection always freaks out before it can finish downloading -__-

Thank you <3

By the way, sorry I've been requesting without uploading anything lately, it's just that, like I said, I'm on dial-up and I don't have a lot of spare time (uploading takes a lot longer than downloading for me, and downloading takes a horribly long time too >_>), but I've only got four days of school left and so hopefully this summer I can contribute to the themes :D
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