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Listen up!!

Now that we're well over 1000 members, Ruby and I have decided that there needs to be a few changes around this place. And we've been trying to put a few of them into place, but you guys just haven't been listening! >:O

We've finally updated all the rules so that you can see clearly what is and is not allowed. So here are the updated rules, which can also be found in the userinfo.

on posting

  • limit your requests. No more than 10 specific songs/PVs or 3 general artists.

  • don't be greedy Do not ask for entire albums, entire discographies, or entire concerts. Posts that do any of these will be delete the moment a mod sees them.

  • lock all posts that contain links to songs. This saves your bandwidth and encourages people to join the community and trade with everyone. We like that.

  • You must wait at least 24 hours between posts.

  • this is a music trading community. That means all posts must be about music. No pictures, icons, etc. Just music.

on downloading

  • know the laws for music downloads in your area! Don't do anything illegal. We don't want any of you getting into trouble.

  • always comment if you download something from a link. That way people know how many downloads are left/how much bandwidth has been used. Plus, it's only polite to thank people for being generous.

on trading/sharing

  • have AIM or MSN these are the preferred methods of trading. Only request uploads if you are absolutely incapable of using either of these (ie, firewall, programs don't work on your machine, etc.)

  • if you are filling a request with a link, post the songs as a reply to the original request. That way the person who wants it can find it AND download it without other people taking it first.

  • the only exception to above rule is if you are filling requests for 20 or more people.

  • we sometimes have a weekly theme. Please be aware of the rules for this, if you wish to participate.

Now I really hate to do this to you guys, but if these new rules aren't being followed by the majority of the community by the end of the week, we will start moderating posts on this community. That means only the posts that we ok will be allowed on. Face it, the community has been flooding everyone's friends pages with its 20+ posts per day. More than half of these are people filling requests who should be posting the songs as replies or trading on AIM or MSN. Thus the rules.

So follow the rules or we will take drastic measures. Ruby and I are in complete agreement in this matter.

     ~ nutmeg

This is all effective immediately. As of this post.
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Just as a suggestion: I believe there's a function where all posts are automatically friends-locked? (I know several other comms I'm on have them). Wouldn't it just be easier just to do that?
I've been trying to figure that one out, but I haven't been able to find it. I'm not sure if LJ still offers it. Many communities that use it are older ones. :\


11 years ago


11 years ago

I have a question. If I've already posted a reply to someone's request and they've gotten it, is it okay for me to make a post in the community so that other people can get them too (as I call them "leftover posts")? This is what I usually do. I just wanted to make sure it'll still be okay. o.O;
Why? They can see the post requesting and are perfectly capable of looking in there to see if a request is filled. If people are too stupid to do that, then they don't deserve the music.

...sorry if that comes off a bit bitchy, but I really want to cut down on the insane number of posts we've been getting here. I've recieved many complaints and people have left the community because of it.


11 years ago


11 years ago

Go here:

type in: set for jcrack newpost_minsecurity friends

I believe that should work. ^^; Past entries won't be changed to Friends Only, but any new posts will be automatically FO.
Oh! Excellent! And it works. *just tested it* You are my favourite person of the day. <3 Thank you.


11 years ago

On the AIM/MSN thing, if people can't use those but they can use YIM (for some reason) then they can trade through that, too. ^^; I use YIM but not the other two, and it works fine.

o_o *runs*
Yes, of course. I always forget that one. Ta.
Me too! YIM only *ducks flying icons*
I like the fact that you have very good rules!! I ran a community before and had to shut it down because people refused to listen and also because I was too nice about it.. But you guys are doing very well.. Hats off to you!
Rules are very important, but so is actually enforcing them. I'm not afraid to delete posts, take away posting access, or even ban members. I've done it before and will do it again.


11 years ago

Oi, I hardly use LJ (I just use it for this community) so I'm not too familiar with the codings or anything. ^^;; Could someone tell me how to "friends-lock" posts? =)
I believe it's being done automatically now... but if you still want to know, when you update your journal to post, there's an option that says "security". Just change that to "Friends" and the post should be friends-locked.


11 years ago

*Has just read the rules*

Good idea. I personally don't have a problem with my friends page being spammed by Jcrack posts, but I can believe that other people might.

I'm also in full support of moderating posts. After all, it's your community, isn't it? Your comm, your rules. People should obey them or leave.

*Is hoping that she doesn't disobey the rules herself... ^^;; *
*shakes head* Even with the new rules, I come back after sleep and there's half-dozen new posts.

And, I have over 100 friends, but I see more posts from this comm than them somedays. I can only imagine how people with smaller lists must feel.
The new rules don't seem outrageous or unfair and I hope they work because my friends page is definately overflooding and it's getting tough to check everyday.
Thank you. I also felt that. This is supposed to be a fun place for everyone, but that's tough when people don't want to look at it or requests get pushed down extremely quickly (without getting filled) because everyone wants to post with requests and gifts all the time.
Thank you very much for your new rules. I just cleaned up my friend's page and I get overwhelmed by the posts from this community... some without lj-cuts. It made me consider unfriending it. Anyway, these rules are very just and are sensible.

Requesting for entire things are a bit extreme. I've been guilty of that no doubt, but then I realized that it is quite greedy when I tried uploading it myself.

Thanks again.
Actually, only 4 of the rules are new. (post about music, comment on posts, post requests to original post and limits for that) The rest are the old rules made more clear.

People are really abusing this sort of thing. The community is supposed to be about trying out new music, or finding odds and ends you can't buy. It's not supposed to be about building a music collection without supporting the artists in question.
good rules. yup.
The community's definitely been flooding my list... @_@; I had to do that little Default View filter thing just to let my actual Friends' page through.
My Communities filter updates almost every second, it seems. @_@;

But good rules. *thumbs up*
Thank you. Hopefully this will calm things down a bit.
I didn't put the community on my friend's list for that exact reason. I'm in too many communities and half the time I can't see what my actual friends are doing. Since I tend to be pessimistic about people following rules, I left all trading comms off my f-list. Hopefully if this starts working, I can add it.

I have a question: What about for the people that are just randomly uploading stuff? I see a lot of that going on here whether it's a bribe or just wanting to spread music around. Is that going to stay the same?
*nods* It's only on mine because I have to watch it, as a mod. I believe in enforcing rules.

For now, random uploads/gifts are being left alone. However, we may make a rule about it if we find that it's a problem. After all, this community was made for trading music not posting it at random. We might limit things like that to the "weekly themes" or something.


11 years ago

i have a question, what do you mean with msn or ai? i don't understand this sorry -.-